Saturday, January 14, 2017

Rogue One - 2016

So after seeing Rogue One I was thoroughly impressed to see how Disney is expanding the Star Wars universe.  A picture about getting the plans to the Rebels became an interesting and thought provoking story that greatly expanded the Star Wars universe, and added depth to the story.  Plus the effects, the acting, and the direction push the Star Wars universe in a very interesting place.

I remember seeing the original so long ago in a theater in Manhattan.  It was my first venture into the city, and I was overwhelmed at the movie,  The sound, the effects, the story all compelled me to know more about this film.  How they made it.  Who made it, and was there more.

The same could be said about Rogue One.  Special effects have come a long way since 1977.  The re-creation of Peter Cushing is remarkable, and certainly it opens a whole new way to make films, while at the same time opens a whole can of worms for the acting industry.   The last shot of Princess Leia in the film is remarkable as well since Carrie Fisher who portrays her is no longer with us, and yet we see a 19 year old princess Leia taking the stolen Death Star plans.

The filmmakers definitely wanted Rogue One to be the film that precedes the original Star Wars "A New Hope".  It is well done.

I don't want to spoil it, and I tried to not know much because I wanted the experience to enjoy the film without knowing much about it.    First off Felicity Jones does a great job here playing our heroine.  The writers create a very well written character who just wants the love of her father who is played by Mads Mikkelsen.  As Star Wars did it relies on many foreign actors too, since it was filmed on many locations just like the original.  It's from this vast pool of talent that makes the films so fantastic.  It's creators Lucas and now Disney know where the talent is, and the Star Wars universe is richer for it.  Maybe that's why Rogue One makes a great companion piece to "Star Wars: A New Hope".

While watching Rogue One I was reminded about another film.  A film about misfits with a mission, and that film was the World War 2 film "The Dirty Dozen".  Starring Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson, Jim Brown, John Cassavetes and George Kennedy.  It is a favorite of mine, and the director of Rogue One, Gareth Edwards, certainly makes you feel like you're watching a film about a bunch of rebels with heart.

I've always been interested in why many who play the video games, or watch the movies side with the Empire.  I looked at the statistics of game play and a lot of players play as the Empire.  I guess it's the cool gadgets.  Walkers, tie fighters, and stormtroopers, but I've always sided with the rebels. Guess I'm just a hopeless optimist, and always had a problem with authority which the empire represents.

I find it interesting that a film like Rogue One comes out now just as a new administration comes into power here in the United States.   Where there is hope their is resistance.  Rogue One gives that in spades and I like that.  Hence I like the film, and I'm sure a lot of Star Wars fans will enjoy it.

It's also wonderful to see the film along with my teenager boys.  It's like looking back in a mirror at myself when I was young.  I'm sure this is a feeling that is happening to many families also.  The Star Wars epic has encompassed a generation of fans, and is now making newer fans with the new films.  It's brilliant marketing, and one that works very effectively on its audience.  I just hope the stories stay well written, and are not released haphazardly or written in haste to produce box office gold.  

To sum up.  It's a fun film, and a superior looking and feeling film.  Enjoy it.

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