Friday, November 13, 2015

Content and Communications Expo 2015

This last week I had the opportunity to head on over to NAB/CCW Expo at the Jacob Javits Center in New York.  Two days of seminars and meeting manufacturing and service vendors of all types. Each year there is new and different technology appearing on the video production landscape This expo is an excellent place to learn and catch up with technology.

The expo has something for everyone.  Engineers, filmmakers, advertisers, broadcasters, IT and A/V specialists can all come away with something here at the expo.

Being an A/V specialist I came across a plethora of technology which may help me in the future.  The expo is also a good place to talk to others who are in the same field as you and also people who share their problems and solutions to various scenarios that may be of value to you professionally. The industry changes  rapidly and there are an assortment of problems we all face. IT wrestles with their problems and A/V has their own to deal with , and sometimes the two departments can clash because of different priorities each department has.  IT is concerned about bandwidth and security, while A/V is all about access to different type of media through different types of devices, and compatibility of equipment.

Here at the expo you'll be able to listen and talk to other professionals who tackle these types of problems everyday.  There is also the the non-technical here as well as well.  The challenges to broadcasters to build audiences has become challenging in the past few years.

The ever shrinking advertising budgets, and how one captures an audience in the 21 century that is fragmented and yet savoy too many of the tricks of the trade. So thee is a lot to see and hear, and trying to see it all is an impossibility.    Broadcasters discuss numbers as to ratings and try to wrestle with an audience share that is shrinking due to the many different types of platforms that the public now enjoys.   The best way to see this expo is go to seminars and workshops that you personally deal with throughout your professional day.

While there I made plenty of notes, and will try and sort them out here.  I found some really awesome things in the film making arena that in the A/V field that answered some of my questions.  The expo is usually held in November and it is a good place to catch up with colleagues.  

All I can say is that the staff and the people who help put on the expos were great and very helpful.    Susch topics as "producers on producing", "the art of cinematography" "the merger of AV and IT:" and the evolution of AV connectivity" were seminars that were revealing, inspiring, and informative.  My only complaint was that there was so much to see that sometimes I missed other seminars because I was already at one which was at the same time.    So I hope you'll follow me these next few days as I try to sor \t it all out.  Thanks and see you on the flip side.

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