Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

It looks like the summer movie blockbuster season is opening up early with the opening of "Avengers: Age of Ultron".  The second Avengers begins with a promising opening.  It seems that the Avengers are once again battling the forces of Hydra.  From there the story develops into creating another baddie named Ultron.

The film is fun, and works well, but the one problem was that it seemed overly long when it didn't need to be.  The theater was packed, and everyone seemed to enjoy it, but there were some younger children in the audience that seemed bored when there was no action on the screen, so the movie may not be geared to them particular.  But then why does the studio gear the merchandise to small kids.  

I enjoyed the movies little jabs at itself.  The humor in it was funny, and it endeared us to the characters.  Such as Captain America's purity, or the Hulks anger issues, or even Iron man's love of one-liners and even Thor's good looks.

Like I said my one criticisms  is the length.  But I do love the characters, and the one thing this movie sets up is the next Avengers movie, with a different cast with some regulars still present.  Marvel Studios is following the comic.  It was well known that the Avenger's roll call changed a lot in the comics so Marvel is staying true to the comic.   Overall it's a good outing, and if you have children who are fans then it's a no-brainer to go see it with them.

Joss Whedon is a heck of a director, and he produces a well crafted film.  It's my hope that Whedon continues, and doesn't get bored with the franchise.  Whedon brings love of the characters to the movie, and we the audience care for them.  I believe this is why this film will resonate with its audiences.  It is no mistake that Whedon comes from a writing background.  He has worked on and produced some of the better quality TV shows on this decade where character development is deeper then in movies because it can establish character within several episodes.  Here he does it within a movie, and though a bit long it does work in my opinion.  We already have some character development in the previous movies so the audience knows what to expect, but to Whedon's credit he builds on it.  It's a strong film, and one audiences should enjoy.

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