Saturday, June 28, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

Okay it's been a while and another summer is upon us.  That means it's summer blockbuster time, or that's what the movie studios want you to know.  The Transformer series has been a sort of tradition in our household.  Having two boys who love the series they got their parents to also enjoy them.  I even have a love for the animated series and see how complex the series was.  But I digress.  Is this a movie you could enjoy?  The answer to that is yes, but only if you like BIG blockbuster action, where things blow-up often, and you love robots battling each other.  If not then this may not be the movie for you.

The magic of these movies are that you go with the family and enjoy it together.  The movie has a universal plot of good versus evil sure, but there are some things that Michael Bay puts in that actually mimic our times.  "Keeping Earth human", and "If you see alien activity report it" are slogans taken from today's headline on the war on terror.  So you see Bay is using today's climate to enhance the plot line.

It is said that Bay wants to re-boot the Transformer series, and this is the first of two more.  From what I know and what I've seen from the series itself there is ample characters and plot lines to further the series into a sustainable franchise.  The object is not to over saturate the market with too much product.  I'm sure the studios have it all planned out, and Michael Bay has already starting pre-production on the next two in the series.  After all it was George Lucas along with Peter Jackson who filmed their franchise (Star Wars & Lord of the Ring) all at the same time because it was cheaper to do so.  After all sets are built, CGI material is rendered, and actors are locked down for the production.

But the magic of the series is that it is family entertainment.  Sure there are curse words in the film, but not the dreaded F word.  A lot of "damns" and "shit", but if you have older boys they've seen and heard worse in games, so don't stress it.  After seeing the effects you'll say a few expletives yourself.  The effects are pretty mind blowing, and fun to watch, and can I say here that I really like Mark Whalberg, who plays Cade Yeager.  I really think he's a good actor and though this is no Shakespeare it's entertainment to the max, and on a hot summer evening it's a great get away movie to watch while you munch on your popcorn.

Both boys said in their own words the movie was "AWESOME".  And that's what this movies is suppose to do.  I even heard my wife yell out as the baddie dies.  The movie makes me a fan of the franchise, and it tries to draw in new converts among the young.  It does this very successfully, and I wouldn't look down at this type of entertainment.  The animated series had heart, and I really believe Michael Bay is trying to do this for the series now.

Also I'd like to say that I really like Bay's sense of direction, and his attitude.  He's a true entertainer, and he certainly gives us our monies worth.  The film is 2 hours and 45minutes and my boys sat through it all with no bathroom breaks.  We all did, and that's because the images were riveting, and the story was compelling.  Many critics rip Bay but I have to defend him here.  I think he is the quintessential showman.  Thanks Mr. Bay for re-booting the series and providing my family a fun filled day at the movies.

I highly recommend the movie.  For you ladies Mark Whalberg is in the movie and he's so good.  Stanley Tucci is also in the movie and he provides some funny banter and funny sequences in the film.  Kelsey Grammer is the villain and he does a good job here.

Go see the movie if your a fan, and if you have young boys who love robots give it a whirl.  You and your boys won't regret it.  Nicola Peltz plays Whaleberg's daughter and she plays the strong willed young lady, who has some funny scenes with Whalberg, so the movie has a lot for everyone.  It's a fun movie simply put.

For some more interesting info on the making of this movie.  Check this out:

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