Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Lego Movie (2014)

It was once again time for a family outing, and since our boys have been keen on seeing "The Lego Movie" since it was announced last year, so it was off to the movies.  After breaking several piggy banks for the admission fare, and the goodies that go with movie watching we caught an early show.  I had heard things about this film being pretty smart, and funny, and I can say I wasn't disappointed.  The filmmakers do a great job pandering to their audience, which face it is anyone under 12.  But that's the charm of the movie.  There are so many in-jokes, and jokes that kids won't get that makes the film pretty funny at whatever age you are.

Sitting here writing this review I still can't remember all the jokes in the film, and maybe that's what the filmmakers wanted.  After all maybe after seeing it with the kids maybe the grown-ups will see it again, and you know they'll have to take the kids again, so double score for the studio in the money department.

The animation is top notch, and the puns, innuendos, and plain silliness of the flick is a win.  The movie works on so many levels, and I honestly am not the biggest Lego fan at all.  After all Lego has come a long way since I was a kid.  The movie pokes fun at our pop culture without it being too highbrow.  The children that were watching it with us really liked it, and that is it's primary audience.  There is even a nice moral in the film that says something about the creative mind, and that being different is okay.

There's not much I can say negative about this film.  Even the stars who voice the characters are having fun here.  I was very surprised to see actually Will Ferrell make an appearance.  Ferrell does the voice of President Business, and all I'll say is that he makes an appearance and it totally works.

The makers of this film should pat themselves on the back.  It's a funny, sweet, and thought provoking film without talking down to its core audience.  It also winks at us adults and makes us think as well, so kudos for that.

I have to say if you have a little Lego builder in your family they'll love it, and surprisingly you will too.  I know you'll be laughing just as hard as the children do, and that's what makes this movie a special event.  I know award time is in March, but someone should not forget this film for next years awards.  Seeing it in
3-D I've heard is nice, but children do hate those glasses, so if you want to save a few bucks & spare the kids some headaches take them to the regular 2-D viewing.  I promise you they won't miss anything, and you'll be happier or at least you're wallet will be.  The film is a classic, and it will be one film that today's generation will go back to and share with their families.

Highly recommended for family.  Sit back and enjoy.

And with that I have to leave you with the "Everything is Awesome lyric video".  Because it's AWESOME!!!

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