Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Despicable Me 2

So it's July 4th week-end, and what's more American then going to the movies, and so we did.  I'm a big fan of the first movie, and I have to say I loved the whole story.  Having said that I was a bit disappointed by the 2nd film.  That's not to say that I hated it.  I enjoyed seeing the film with my family, and we all laughed at bits in the film, but it is no where near the movie the first one is.

Why is that?  Why was I a bit disappointed at the film?  Simply put it was the story.  They were on the right track.  After all our main character Gru is now out of the super villain business because he has his new family that he loves.  Making him a superhero is the right thing to do, but the story seemed to be too simplistic.  The movie did have some cute elements in the story which is one thing that made the first film so endearing, but it all seemed forced which is sad since you would think that Universal Studios would give more thought to the story of one of their super successful franchise.

That being said I did like seeing once again our favorite characters Gru, Edith, Margo, Agnes, and even Dr. Nefario. And who doesn't love those lovable minions which is one of the films strong points.  In this film Gru is recruited to discover who the  villain is that is threatening the world, and the problem is that we all know who it is.  Even Gru knows but is ignored because he is more concerned about some boy being interested in one of the girls.  This is cute, but so drawn out.  It distracts from the plot a bit.  After all WE all know who it is, yet it is the sub-plots that distract the audience. The sub-plots only seem to lengthen the story and not contribute to it.  It just seemed to take away from the story, and it kind of insults its audience.  There are holes in the story you could drive a semi through, and it is this that I had a problem with.  Sure Despicable Me 2 is a children's film, but the first film was a film that did not ignore it's adult audience, and at times Despicable Me 2 seems to forget that.

But I did say I liked the movie, so how can I criticize a movie I enjoyed?  Easy I just wanted more from this film.  What I got is a watered down version of the first movie.  The authors could have done better that's all.  Are some of the skits funny?  I'd have to say yes, but they could have been better, and maybe focusing on the family would give Gru more of a reason to fight our arch villain who seemed a bit wimpy and not as threatening as villains should be.

Again I did like seeing this film.  Hearing everyone laugh at the antics of the minions, and seeing Gru fall in love with Lucy is enjoyable.  It is even very sentimental at the end, which is really what I liked.  So yes Despicable Me 2 isn't what the original film was, but its close, and because of that it's fun to watch.  It's also a good film to take the kids to and laugh out loud.  There aren't too many films out there that you can do that to, so I have to say I would recommend Despicable Me 2, after all those minions are funny to watch, and their so damn cute!

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