Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dark Shadows (2012)

I had to mull this one over.  I'm a Tim Burton fan.  I like his movies.  Burton's movies are sort of subversive to me, and I like his humor.  While watching the movie I was struck at what type of movie it wants to be.  In the beginning it did feel like a straight horror/suspense type movie, and then it goes astray.  But I had to say I liked it.  Near the end I did feel Burton was going over the top, but it fits the film.  I love Johnny Depp, and he is one of America's true jewel.  In this film he does reach for the balcony in his acting, but then again this film is based upon a soap opera from the late 60's early 70's.  I understand what he was going for, and he really made me laugh with his performance of Barnabas Collins.

I know some critics seem to think Burton is re-hashing the same old thing he's done before, but I disagree.  I think Burton's style keeps evolving, and I think what Burton did here is what Burton does best.  I could not see anyone else do the material better then him.  All the performances were fine, and if you really listen to the dialogue there are so many nuances that I couldn't stop laughing that subversive laugh Burton is known for.  It's Burton's little wink to us, the audience, that we're all in on the joke.

Did I feel that toward the end it was dragging.  A bit, but the movie as a whole is fun, and Depp does a great job here.  In my opinion he always does.  There is not one movie I fault Depp's performance.  Even in films that I did not like that had him in it Depp still outshine all.

I recommend it as a good date night film.  Michelle Pfeiffer is great in the film also, and she looks great, as  Elizabeth Collins Stoddard the matriarch of the Collins clan.  The cinematography and set design is superb and I would not expect any less for a Burton film.  I enjoyed myself, and liked the parody Burton works into the film. 

But if your not into parody then I feel you won't enjoy the film, but because of the performances and the fine cast I do believe it has some worth.   I think it deserves a look see, and it's a fun nostalgic look to an era (the 70's) that some of us remember and I dare you to not leave the theater with a smirk or two.  I know I did.

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