Sunday, April 29, 2012

Corman's World (2012)

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Roger Corman. Mr. Corman has produced and directed over 300 films and he's never lost a dime from his movies. Books have been written about him, and even two documentaries have profiled his life and work. Corman's World is the latest documentary that interviews many different people about Corman and his productions. The documentary is a great piece of an era that has long gone by. If you know nothing about Corman then after watching this film you'll know a lot about him. For us fans there isn't much new here, but there are scenes of him receiving his academy award for lifetime achievement which is pretty neat. The film is fun, and it's great to hear Roger get his due. He says some things that make pretty damn good sense, and he is not what you might expect from your typical movie producer. I would have loved to know a little more personal things about Corman. I mean he and Julie (his wife) raised three children while he made a lot of his films. How did he manage that? and sometimes you'd like more details on his films, but that's just me maybe. Since a lot here is stuff we already knew I did not find this too engaging. It's a love feast for Corman, and rightfully so, but I still don't think the definitive film or book about Roger Corman has been made or ever will. I'm sure there are a lot of crazy stories about producing and directing those movies, and they probably are very interesting and would give a glimpse more into the low budget mavericks life and work. If you're a fan you'll enjoy it, and if you're a bit interested in how Hollywood did business back in the day this film does give a little glimpse of that era. But for us BIG fans there's nothing new here. But that's alright Roger. We still adore and love you. Viva Corman!

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