Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Collapsed (2011)

Read an article about this film and from the trailer it looks interesting.   The filmmaker (Justin McConnell ) is pretty honest about the production of the film.  He tells that for less then 40K they made the film so they could get the film into shape to create a screener, which in turn would be available for sales at the AFM market.  He says a lot of interesting points about indie filmmaking. 

These days it's pretty rock bottem budgets out there and even tougher to sell your film to distributors.  It's nothing I haven't heard before, but for a filmmaker to honestly say what it's like out there in the film market seems pretty refreshing, so you have to respect him for saying it.  I always believed if your producing a product your overhead has got to be low, and all the money you spend better get onto the screen.  It's a crowded market out there and you have to stand out, so you better have a hook for the movie or distributors will just move on.  The more money you pump into the screen the better it looks and the better it stands out from the rest of what is out there.

I would be very interested in what the distributor kicked in to finish the film, and get it's deliverables.  The devil is in the details, and I'm sure it was a hard climb just to finish the film.  Personally I know some of those details from experience and I always feel that the filmmaker looses something.  Again it comes down to budget and production value, and having that unique hook.

Check the latest Fangoria magazine if you're interested.  I'm very interested in seeing the film and hearing the filmmakers comments on the commentaries it will contain. 

Check out the trailer below.  I believe the film will be released sometime early this year.

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