Thursday, December 29, 2011

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011)

I know, I know.  Long time, but I'm back and the first movie I review is a kids film.  Having children of my own they have grown up with Alvin, Theodore and Simon, so when this film hit the theaters you know I had to go.

This is the third.  Yes the third film in the series of the chipmunk movies.  Each one is cute and interesting, but they are defiantly geared to the children.  In this film Dave and the boys along with the chipettes go on cruise.   Yes you remember them from the second movie don't you?  Anyhow the chipmunks get shipwrecked on an island after disobeying Dave (Jason Lee).  Dave and Uncle Ian (David Cross) also get shipwrecked on an island, and need to find the chipmunks.  That is of course if this is the same island as where the chipmunks are, and if you're thinking it isn't then I have a bridge to sell to you in Brooklyn.

The movie is a bit of slapstick, and moral lesson for the kids.  Sure we laugh when the chipmunks cause havoc on the cruise ship, but its all in fun.  Then of course the moral of the story is that parents love us no matter what, and that sometimes we should listen to our parents.  That's it in a nutshell.  I could get more detailed, but the film is for children.  What I do hate is how the studio markets it to children, but I guess that's how studios make their back-end.  Through merchandising toys to children and their parents.

Also there are several songs in the movie by well known recording artists that are given the chipmunk version.  Maybe another selling point that the studio tries to tie into the movie.  Then again with children being so media savoy the songs are to them just extensions of what they hear in everyday life, so instead of it being my soundtrack it's my children soundtrack, and that's okay because the movie is geared to them.  I'm just happy to hear them laugh and howl when Alvin does his thing.

If you have children who are old enough to see Alvin it's a good distraction, and you may just laugh at one or two of the gags.  The animation, and the live action clips of the movie are okay.  I've seen better, but they do an okay job, and the children didn't notice anything, so in the end the studio wins.  I just wish that they would have cared a bit more and maybe not rushed it.  There are a few process shots that look out of place, and sometimes the film looks rushed.  Like the studio had a deadline to get it out before Christmas, which I'm sure they did.  Next time guys take a little more time, and take some care in the film you are creating.   Other then that I can't fault the film.

It's fun to see with the family, and I even saw it with my 85 year old mom who loved it.  Goes to show you a movie can appeal to all ages of the heart.

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