Monday, June 06, 2011

Bridging the Generations - Vietnam Nurses

Vietnam Nurses - Bridging the Generation series from Karl Bauer on Vimeo.

The above video are highlights from one of the first shows I did in the series called "Bridging the Generations".  It was made for the humanities department where I used to work, and these assignments were always interesting to do.  The people I've met through these types of programs have been inspirational, and informative for me.  I learned a lot technically with these videos, and each one got better and better.  I just hope in a world of budget cuts, and dropped programs that these types of programs can continue.  The more we know about our past the better our future will be.   If you are interested in aquiring copies of the programs for your school or organization please go to the Lenape District TV, and order from there.

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