Thursday, April 28, 2011


Finally completed the script.  Wanted to do something creative in a year where everything gets turned upside down.  I have to say that I thought at times why am I doing this, but it was a great creative endeavor, and it's fun to flex that creative muscle once in a while.  In a world where things are upside down it's good that I can concentrate on something creative and force myself to completion.

Is the script any good?  It's got potential I think.  It needs some re-writes, but every GOOD script or movie is done with re-writes.  I enjoy creative criticism, and there aren't many people who do that.  It's usually "it sucks" or "its great".  No in-between.  Constructive criticism is what its all about, and if you have people who can do that you should defiantly take advantage of it.  If it's anything I've learned in my years on this earth it's that criticism can be helpful, and hurtful sometimes.  You yourself have to determine which will get through and which you will use.

Okay enough preaching.  See you on the next entry.

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