Sunday, November 07, 2010

Jill Clayburgh (1944-2010)

I was surprised to hear that Jill Clayburgh had passed away.  I had just the other day thought of the film "An Unmarried Women" by Paul Mazursky.    Clayburgh's credits are extensive so I won't list them all.  Check out her IMDB credits if you wish.

I really don't know what to say here when it comes to a person who I've admired passes away.  It just feels that she had a lot more to give and was still very young.  We are at a loss for this, yet we can still see her performances in such films as; "Semi-Tough", "An Unmarried Woman", "Luna","Starting Over", "I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can", and "Hanna K."

Ms Clayburgh died Friday at her home in Connecticut home at 66 after living two decades with leukemia.  She is survived by her husband (David Rabe), her children, and her brother James.

Ms Clayburgh will be missed and always known for her extraordinaire work in both the screen and the theater. 

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