Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dom Deluise 1933-2009

I hate writing these. I enjoyed Mr. Deluise's performances, and I even watching him on the Dean Martin Variety show way back in my youth. So it's with a heavy heart that I write about his death. I could go on and on about his credits, and his biography, but I'll leave that to the pros. I just loved him as an entertainer. Mr. Deluise made me and my family laugh. In good times and in bad times. In a way that's what a true star does. He or she makes us forget our dismal little problems for a moment, and makes us laugh. Mr. Deluise had done so much that he brought joy and laughter to so many of us.

It saddens me to hear about a loss of such talent, but the best thing is that he left a lifetime of work for us to watch, and laugh all over again.

Good night sweet prince. You made us laugh with you, and you will be missed by many. God speed.

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