Saturday, December 22, 2007

Spinning Wheels!

So no reviews, and no production news. Just some thoughts at the end of this year. I've been trying to make this blog a blog that deals with filmmaking, but real life always interrupts. I'm basically an AV geek who is fortunate to work in a field where I can use my skills, but I've been trying to get inspired, and do another film. A film that counts, and a film that if it winds up to be the last film I do I'll be happy and satisfied.

So hence the schizophrenic blog entry. I guess we all sit down this time of year and count blessings, and for others it's a time of deep depression. There seems no in-between here, so we do what we can, and push on. Filmmaking has been something of a saving grace for me. It feed my dreams, and helped me focus in those wayward years called the teens. It's also inspired me in my adulthood, and I've seen some great films in the past that sometimes just come and go. You would think more people would see them, and be inspired by these films, but in such a crowded field some films are just swept away in a multimedia frenzy. The successful films or should I say the "good" films are made with a lot of passion, love, and determination. These films were made by filmmakers who cared about the films they made. The unfortunate thing is that studios don't see the dollar signs behind them, and only promote the films marginally. These films fall through the cracks and are rediscovered on cable, or DVD if they are lucky.

So what does someone like me hope to ever accomplish with no studio behind him, and a stubborn streak that just won't let go? I guess I want or better yet NEED to make the best film I can and hope that it's discovered by the real people out there. A few years ago this would only be a pipe dream, but now with the Internet things are possible. But only if the story is good, and only if the story touches people can it be a success. The public needs to be willing to spend some of their hard earned cash on an unknown filmmaker. If the story is worth it people will tell other people, and that's how a good film now gets distributed.

So I sit spinning wheels. Writing, and re-writing, and more re-writing, and always behind the 8 ball because filmmaking is NOT the only one thing I love now. There aren't enough hours in the day to do everything, and so the wheels spin and spin. Maybe I'll get there, and maybe not. I really can't say, but at least the wheels are spinning, and I'm trying. What else can I do?

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