Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Andrew Semans

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Came across Andrew Semans website, and after seeing his trailers and clips of his short films I was intrigued. The naturalness that his performers come across is what makes me interested in Andrew. I haven't seen any of his films whole, but from what I see I'm very much impressed. I'm always wondering how to make actors & actresses come across more naturally. I mean a film is scripted and I know with rehearsal actors can overcome that scripted feeling, but I also know it's all about chemistry too. You can rehearse till the cows come home, and sometimes you can't get that naturalness. I'd love to sit down with Mr. Semans and ask about his method, and how he works. I see he does his own writing and has also shared writing credits with two other people.

Sometimes they say too many cooks spoil a stew, but sometimes in filmmaking that's not the rule. Sometimes it's better to have people to bounce ideas off of and contribute. I wonder how much the actors share in the material. Anyway take a look, and maybe if you get a chance to see one of Mr. Semans films go see it. I think you won't be disappointed.

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