Thursday, May 10, 2007


Okay nothing fancy here. Just a quick brain dump. I still struggle to figure out what this blog is all about. The only thing I wanted in here was writings about cinema, and making films. I had the opportunity to finally see "Four Eyed Monster", and I liked it of sorts. I'm not a big fan of twenty-something angst films, but I did enjoy it, and was impressed with the film making skills of it's creators (Susan Buice & Arin Crumley) . That's as glowing a review as I can give. I still think people should buy the DVD, and check it out. Support true indie filmmakers!

While watching it I became increasingly interested at the subject matter. The filmmakers made it a personal film, and it works for them. I've been thinking about my own personal stuff, and feel that maybe I just need to do something about that. So no more fictional stuff for now. I've decided to turn the camera in-ward, and see what's there. Maybe it's therapy, or maybe it's just something that I want and need to say.

Hitchcock said movies are like life with the boring parts cut out of them, but maybe those boring parts are where the meat is. I think I've learned that cinema isn't all about dialogue. It's about images. The dialogue comes secondary. It's time to mine some real emotions, and real events.

So consider me on the couch, as I see what makes ME tick, and why if at all it should be interesting to the rest of the world.

Kurt Vonnegut said once, and this is not a direct quote but it is something I remember reading in an article about him that a movie should leave the audience awed. That they should come away from the film with an up-lifted attitude because life itself was and is so harsh. Otherwise what's the point? I think that's a very interesting thought.

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