Monday, March 05, 2007

Something's Brewing

I’ve been restless & antsy for some time now. It happens when I don’t get to do what I really enjoy doing, and that’s make films. Between work, family and other things it can be easy to just say “fuck it”. I mean what’s one less filmmaker in the world right? But then the voice sets in and it doesn’t stop until I do something. What draws me to filmmaking? What is it that makes me crave filmmaking like a junkie going after his next fix? Is it to be famous or known? I’ll confess here I’d like to be known as a competent filmmaker. No more and no less. I’m way past the wide eyed innocent I was when I first started making films. I fully know it’s a business and in order to achieve some success you have to sell your story otherwise it’s an expensive hobby, but again I see no one willing to invest large sums of money in a film. My sphere of influence does not include people with money who can piss away their hard earned dollars. I’ve always said that in order to succeed in the business of filmmaking you have to believe in yourself, and you have to invest in yourself. No guts, no glory so to say.

I’m also amazed to find more and more fellow brethren out there who also have the same passions and desires as I do. They are out there and the web is what connects us. For instance I just found out this website called “100 films”. It’s creator Lucas McNelly has written some interesting things about no-budget filmmaking and he seems to be an inspired person trying to do his own thing. His one idea is to review 100 of these so-called no-budget films. That in itself is a Herculean task, but one I admire. I’ve reviewed a couple of films here on this blog, and the only reason I’ve done so was because I enjoy these types of films. I’ve tried to be constructive in my criticism and so I try to be honest. I’m sure this is what Mr. McNelly is going to attempt, so I’ll be sending him a copy of my film, and see what he thinks. I think this is a great idea, and one that may or may not be good. I’ve already received some criticism of my film, but how am I to learn if I don’t send it out and get talked about. I already know my films flaws, but every filmmakers sees his or her mistakes because they’ve been working on it for so long. They glare at you these mistakes, and yet you push on.

That’s where I’m right now. I want to create something, yet resources are low. What is no-budget filmmaking but a challenge? We work with what we have. We make no excuses and push on. We have stories to tell, and that’s all we want to do. That and to be heard of course. I’ve finished a feature screenplay, but have doubts. Maybe doing a shorter piece would be better. Something a bit less taxing on the resources.

Something’s brewing, and it ain’t the coffee!

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