Saturday, February 17, 2007

Deadly Obsessions Trailer #2

I did this trailer because I wasn't so happy with the first. I digitized the footage from a VHS tape so the quality is so-so, but I liked the way the trailer does flow. If I wanted better looking footage I should go off the DVD, but I'm not sure how to do that or even if I have the proper programs to do so.

For the past few days I've tried encoding a video I worked on, so I can fit it on a DVD, but no luck, so it feels like I'm in digital hell. Maybe I just don't have the proper tools, but I've done some shorter projects with success, so this longer program is giving me a headache. If anyone has any suggestions I'm open to them.

On the filmmaking front still writing, and experimenting as you can see with DV, and to think I do this on my free time. I must be a sado-masochist!

POST SCRIPT: Got the Video to DVD. Seems Adobe Premiere likes DVD+ Not DVD- Premiere encoded and fit the video at the proper resolution, and frame rate. To say the least I'm happy.

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