Sunday, October 08, 2006

Just Breath Stupid!

Ideas, thoughts, and visuals. How does one live in a vacuum. I don’t think it’s possible, but then again I can be wrong. How many scientist, artists, and writers have lived in their own worlds? Think about it for a moment. Take all the artists & people who have made a mark in their respective fields and see how they got there. I believe it was never by taking a poll of what people thought. I more see these people like Sherman tanks running over things that got in their way. Sometimes aggressively, and sometimes these individuals were a bit less aggressive. Either way their work eventually caught on, and the result is that their work prevailed among all others. Sometimes these individuals were way beyond their time. Eventually others discovered them, and their work rose to the surface while others didn’t. Is it truth or a connection with other like-minded people that elevate these individuals work? Is it their brilliance that suddenly grabs us, and thrusts them into the forefront of their fields? Or maybe it’s a bit of everything. After all the work does speak for itself. That’s what illuminates these individuals. I’m sure all or most of these individuals suffered through doubt, and discomfort at the hands of the public or community they wished to enlighten.

I am fascinated by these individuals. Some we don’t even know because their work is being unearthed now. I ‘m not talking just about works of art here, but of individuals such as engineers, architects, writers, playwrights, astronomers, and scientists. The list goes on. In a world where we measure our success through so called reality TV shows, and the media dictates who our celebrities should be. Where are these people now? The vanguard as I like to call them. Why aren’t we celebrating their ideas, and their thoughts? Why the resurgence of the same old thoughts & theories? Where are the breakthrough thoughts, and ideas? Why do we seem to be crawling into mediocrity when such brilliance is among us? The only answer I have is that they’re all still working on it. Maybe the rest of society will hear them, or maybe not, but we’ve become a culture of who ever shouts the loudest wins. It’s a short cited argument that won’t hold up though time. What ever is crap is still crap. What is new and different rises to the surface. It’s the work people. Eventually the work speaks for itself. Everything else is bullshit!

Now why am I writing about this? Do I see myself as one of these individuals? Surely I’m not that conceited? No I’m not. My biggest legacy will probably be my family. Everyday I see them grow more and more, and I know that it’s about them and not about me. I’m just the crazed dad who has a passion for movies and things visual. Maybe in some small way they’ll contribute something, and I will be that link in the chain. I can live with that, and celebrate it, but I can’t let my dreams die out of frustration on how the world sees me. I have to be comfortable with how I see myself. I’m not all there, and I’m certainly struggling each and every day, but I’m getting there.

Do things that make you happy, and enjoy the process. Even the frustration, and the doubt. It’s all part of the process. If you’ve gotten this far thanks for reading. I hope you endeavor is going well, and that you are doing what you love to do. Remember the big picture, and just breath.

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