Friday, September 08, 2006

Failure is Inevitable

So I recently came across a film that was picked up by IFC. The film is called “Failure” and is written & directed by Chris Suchorsky, and it’s about how he failed in making his film. It’s a amusing look at no-budget filmmaking, and its many pitfalls that most first time filmmakers fall into. It’s also very funny, and I was laughing throughout the film. What the film reminded me of my teenage years. It was there that I experienced most of what Mr. Suchorsky experienced in making his films. The no shows, the giggling actresses, and the off set shenanigans that happen when friends work together. Brought back a lot of bad memories, and ones that were quite frustrating.

The DVD has two versions of the film. One the IFC version, which is 30, minutes long, and then there is the film fest version, which runs 34 minutes. There are some bonus materials on the DVD too such as a audio commentary with the filmmaker and his two co-horts that helped him. The film goes by fast, and it’s well done. There’s original music by Rich Adams, and a band I believe called Homage. Suchorsky’s mom even makes it into the film, so it’s a family affair.

The film shows the frustration of making a film, and all that can go wrong with trying to do everything yourself. I tip my hat to Suchorsky for putting together a short film about his failure. Throughout the film Suchorsky narrates the film, and weaves together the fragmented footage he shot for his feature. Along the way we see actors goofing off, and friends screwing around. I’m sure when Surchosky looked at all his footage he didn’t have a clue on how to piece it all together, but he manages to do so in a humorous vein.

This film is a look back at when I started out making films. It’s not the technical things that will get you though Suchorsky does have a problem with his sound, which when viewed I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because I know the feeling. The film felt very nostalgic to me, and hit home with me. I think it caught the right emotions that first time filmmakers feel. The sense of chaos and emotions that surround filmmakers when they themselves are trying to get their first film made. Suchorsky is pretty inventive using his subjects and getting a film out of it. As Suchorsky says at the end of the film the one thing he learned from all this is “you can make anything work”. That lesson is something we ALL can take and use in our own projects.

The film is available for $17.99, through Suchorsky’s web site, and is worth seeing if you happen to be stuck in procrastination city, or bummed out about your own film. I’ll take inspiration where ever I can get it, so I highly recommend the film.

Suchorsky is currently working on another film about the Brooklyn based indie rock band The Damnwells, currently entitled GOLDEN DAYS.

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