Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Candice Rialson R.I.P

I had just found out that Candice Rialson had passed away earlier this year in March. It seems many did not know this, and so it comes as a shock to her fans. Ms Rialson was 54.

I'm always shocked to hear about another artists death. I was and still remain a big B-movie fan, and one of my favorites is "Hollywood Blvd." Ms Rialson also starred in Roger Corman's film "Candy Stripe Nurses" a favorite among many teenage boys. These films hold a special place in my heart because it was an introduction to filmmaking, and it was a young boys memory of adolescence. You know the time where those hormones kick in, and things go a little upside down for you. Hey! I'll be the first to confess that it was a young boys lust that really drove his interest in these pictures, but seeing these films today confirms my belief that these films had heart. Sure these films were exploitive, and geared to the drive-in circuit, but they were done in taste. Not like the garbage that is done today. Ms Rialson you will be profoundly missed.

If you want to read more about Ms Rialson's passing, and what she meant to a generation go to the following:
The Bleeding Tree, Code Red DVD blog, Johnny LaRue's Crane shot, and if you want to hear what some directors have to say about Ms Rialson go to Tim Lucas Video Watchdog.

My thanks to Neil from The Bleeding Tree for the info and the links he provided in his blog.

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