Friday, June 09, 2006

Obsessive: Obsessions

Okay, so I've been mulling it over and looking around the net reading other film type blogs. I've come to the conclusion that there are a lot better blogs about films, and film reviews then mine, so why in the hell am I doing it? Maybe because I like to give props to certain films that have influenced me, and that I feel are worth mentioning. I'm not the eloquent reviewer of films that I try to be. My film studies grades way back in college can back me up there. I could never fully express or as I said bullshit my way through a review or a critical analysis of a film. I was young and full of myself, and certainly didn't have the patience back then. After all I was in school because I wanted to MAKE films, NOT review them. Of course I learned later that you can't make a GOOD film without appreciating GOOD cinema, and what better way to do that then write about them. After all the New wave started like that, so what do I want to say here?

Well it's been my goal to reach other filmmakers out there in the void doing their own thing. I haven't been too successful, and have found out it's harder then it sounds. The internet seemed the likely choice to establish a web page for my film, but then that's just self-promotion, and who would be interested in the little drama I made? Promotion is a lot harder then making a film I soon found out. So again why does this blog exsist. Well working in a school I work with a lot of students and you would laugh at some of the questions I get, but then again how a film is made is as unique as the film itself sometimes, so why not go over how I made the damn film in the first place. Warts and all.

Sounds like a plan doesn't it. My film is currently on DVD, and I had always wanted to make a commentary track on it to document what I learned, but that became too expensive. In order for me to include a commentary I would have to have upgraded my DVD disc, and that cost was too steep for me. I'm lucky I got to include a short video of stills of the film, and of us making the film to one of my composers musical themes on it.

I had written a journal or journals of the process, and I will be going back to them to refresh, and also write from them step by step on how I made the film. Maybe some of you will get an idea from this, and maybe some questions will be answered. That is the hope. I have no secrets, and I don't want to be vague, so this will be a true account on how "Deadly Obsessions" was made. I'll bitch, moan, and at times revel in the making of this film. What I did right, and what I did wrong. In the end maybe a conversation will take place between like minded people out there, and maybe we can help each other out. In the long run that's what I truly want. So buckle up, and get ready for a ride. Hopefully I'll entertain you as well. As Betty Davis' character (Margo Channing) said in "All about Eve (1950): "Fasten you're safety belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride"

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