Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A frustrating Obsession

So I finally uploaded a clip of a trailer for the film in the hopes to attract more people to the site and the film. I've even entered the film in two other festivals. My reason being is that I'd just like the movie to get seen. Times have changed, and it seems as though there are a lot more content out there since the explosion of the digital age. I won't make excuses on why or why not the film is a success, but I still remain upbeat about the film. In my earlier days I worked on a lot of low-budget horror films, and I guess I sort of burned out on them. I'm not saying that I don't like the genre, but there are few films of late that I seem to have enjoyed. There is a lot of content out there, and as I've said before niche filmmaking seems all the rage. I just want to do films that I like to look at, and films that I would be proud of. I'm sure the world can do without another horror film, so I guess I'm going against the tide. Reality holds my attention, and the real world is a lot more interesting and even scarier then any horror film I can create.

Of late I've been thinking of doing something again. The itch is there, and it doesn't go away. That's why sometimes I am a bit stunned at people on how they can walk away from things. I've known people who seemed passionate about movie making, and yet they don't follow their dream. Maybe things happen, but all I know is that my obsession still grows, and I want to continue to do more films. Of course the reality is always financial, and a matter of time management. It takes a lot to produce a film, and get it out there. I think it's even harder now then it was back in the day. It's just that the technology has changed and there are a lot more people out there who are putting out product. Good, bad, or in-different it seems there is no shortage of films. I wonder if there will ever be a shortage of films? It seems highly unlikely. Especially with broadband increasing it's market share each year.

Ego also has a lot to do with movie-making, and I've long ago gotten over mine. I can't afford to have it, and when you're working on such low budget films there is no room for it. I hold no grudges on people who didn't have heart. For them life is a bit complicated, but no matter the complexity in my life I can't seem to turn my back on movie making. And so there you have it. My obsession.

I still remain optimistic, but with the daily grind, and life in general it gets harder and harder to produce things that I could be proud of. Will there be more? I'm sure of that. How much more is anybodies guess. I keep admiring those film critics who long ago so admired American cinema that they produced their own films that became groundbreaking. How I would very much like to be part of that someday. Persistence, and hope. They're all I have, and maybe someday they'll pay off, but till then I guess it's just me and my dream.

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