Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Finding time to write

So as I'm writing new material my story seems to expand, and go into a different direction then I thought it would. Don't I plot out my story with outlines, and index cards as they say in upteen books on "screenwriting". Eventually I do, but not when it's the first draft. I work off some notes that I've taken, and a synopsis I''ve written. After all you do have to know where your story is going. You just can't blindly type, and expect to finish a screenplay. First drafts can be hell, and sometimes they're fun to wrestle with. Stream of consciousness can be a great aphrodisiac when the moment hits you. But sometimes it's hard because the possibilities are endless, and you need to know where the characters are going, and what will happen next. That's where I'm at now. I thought I would write about hatred, and revenge, and instead I'm writing about not only revenge, but about loss, and grief. So the screenplay opened up on me and now I feel I need to take it to it's logical conclusion. Not the ending I had originally thought of, but one where there is a bit of hope in the end. Of course I do this with many hats on, which is limiting , yet interestingly enough stimulating. The producer in me says watch your locations, and limit your characters. The director wants more drama, and the photographer wants it to be more visual. I had intended to have one main location in the story where the story unfolds. I've modified the idea, and have instead begun using locations where I know I can get, and ones where I won't have to lay out cash for. They are still limited, but you work with what you got, and several years ago I did not have these resources, and now I'll use them to my advantage.

George Romero did a film called Martin where the similar production techniques were used. Small crew, limited locations, and few actors, and it works quite nice, but even Romero had more money then I do, so it's bare bones production as usual, yet I'm trying to write something I like, and would be proud of because like all things independent I'm going to be living with this for some time.

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