Friday, September 16, 2005

Shut up or put up!

So I've been scrambling to get my film distributed and seen.  I've decided to distribute it myself through FilmBaby.  I recently had the film put onto DVD by Discmakers.  I have no other recourse and I'm so done with the film festival route.  Now this may sound like a sour grapes, but the festival route is loaded with favoritism, and is just plain corrupt.  I could go on about this but even if your a local filmmaker it's hard to getyour film into a film festival that just happens to be happening in your own backyard.  It's all about the glitter, and glamour of moviemaking.  (Yeah right!)  It's about what stars can I impress or conjoul to appear at my festival.  Such things as giving awards out does the trick, or maybe just plain bribery.  I mean when a star has a film coming out, and their willing to come to a festival to sneak peak it to the public why the fuck not.  Even if the film is a piece of crap I still have the star coming.   Kiss, kiss!

Okay I'm bitter, but it's a reality s I deal with it.  I can't let the rejection get to me.  The few people who ahve seen the film think it a solid film, and somthing I should be proud of.  Well I am, and I'm so proud of it that I'm going to risk some more money to distribute it myself.  Hey! in for a penny, in for a pound.  I even added an extra to the DVD because a DVD needs extras.  So once more into the breach, and remember folks if you do a film plan on living with it for a very long time.  I'll be adding the address to the web site to my web site, and I'll even list it here when the folks at FilmBaby put up a link to a clip of the film, and how and to order the film from them.  Lot's more to do, so till next time.  Stay well, and stay independent!

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