The West Side

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So I just came across this site and thought I mention it here because it's very well done. It's things like this that get me excited and kind of make me want to do something new.

The idea of putting something out there in serialized form is a good way of getting noticed. I came across this through Josh Oakhurst's website. Josh is a very talented & innovative young artist, and I like what he says.

The web site is called the Westside, and it's interesting. Simple, and yet very effective. You see they didn't get just anybody even though they were a no-budget film. The actors are really good, and the camera work is top notch. All shot digitally, with a small crew.

Now I know they say on their website that the creators will take there time on the episodes, and that's a good thing, but maybe to get the film in the can they should have the whole thing planned out, and shoot ALL of it.

The hardest thing I've come to believe is shooting and then stopping. Momentum sometimes is lost, and it's hard to ask talent to keep on coming back. Especially if their not compensated.

That's just me, and maybe their all good buddies and have a plan, but I really want to see an end to this, and see this series through. It's really that good, and I like what Josh says on his web site about the film "The West Side is just about, art, and story, and having a badass time being creative". Josh is so right, and that's it's power.

Thanks for the link Josh, and I kind of feel invigorated. Thanks a lot!


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