Sunday, October 20, 2013


So it's been a pretty quiet here.  I get that way sometimes.  I think we all do.  One evaluates oneself and thinks and wonders where am I or who am I?   I've been receding into Charles Bukowski. work.  I've always been an admirer of the man and his work.  But I began reading his novels and have even started reading some of his many poems, and have become invigorated by his words.  I started with the novel "Post Office" and have so far finished three of his novels, and am waiting to read more of his works.  This all comes courtesy of my local library, but I was impressed on the many works they did have of Bukowski's work.  I even picked up a documentary called "Bukowski: Born into This", and it was a very revelatory film about the man.

I've also read "Hollywood" which was his novel about the making of the film "Barfly", which I also viewed.  I have to say I have a new respect for the film, and after seeing it again I had forgot how good the performances were in the film.

So I've become somewhat obsessed on all things Bukowski, and at the same time find myself being taught by the man.  An artists life is not easy.  It is filled with frustration, apathy, and panic.  Yet sticking to it and "DOING IT" makes one a better artist.

Maybe it's the right message at the right time in my life or maybe I'm full of shit.  After all that's the way Bukowski would say it.  But I have always been striving to achieve goodness or a sense of quality within my work.  What ever that work is, yet I seem to want to push myself into other boundaries.  Things that make me a bit uncomfortable, but yet excite me.  It seems Bukowski's work is working its magic.  I have to say some things I don't understand, and don't like, but there is a lot I do like.  I also see how he struggled, and how unsure of himself he was.  I think it's a strong statement to see, and a very comforting thing to know.  We all get that way because life does that to us.  If it was easy everyone would be doing it.  Hence the struggle of the artist. 

So if you get a chance head on over to Bukoski's website and take a look.  Maybe you'll find something you like and maybe you'll be inspired.  I know I was.

I'll be commenting more about the documentary and Bukowski's work in other entries, but for now an update was needed.