Tuesday, September 17, 2019

MOVO VXR10 & MOVO PR 1 Mount

The above video is a promotional video from MOVO.  It is a game changer for vloggers and youTubers in creating content.  It's also a great idea for shooting interviews, and activity.

Long ago I had companies ask me what type of portable camera can we get to help interview people from across the county.  Back then we used small cannon cameras that could be shipped to the location.  Now ANYONE can do it, and with the MOVO VXR10 you can get great sound.  Along with the MOVO PR 1 mount you can shoot anywhere you want and be successful in getting images without having a teach along with you.

The MOVO VXR10 works with both iPhones and Android phones.  You just need a different attachment which it already comes from.  The MOVO PR 1 mount is a mount that you can secure your phone with, and get a pretty good stabilized shot.  It's also great to mount the microphone on top of it.  You may even mount a light on the mount as well.

This is portability at its best.  If you need a run and gun interview this set-up is the way to go.   The MOVO VXR10 is affordable as well.  The cost is about $55. The mount is about $25 - $30.

Its affordable and a great choice for those quick interviews, or those talking head shots.

I hope to have it someday soon, and will post examples tests I will do.  In the meantime look at some of these reviews.